Saturday, March 03, 2007

Summer's over

It's been awhile so I'm going to be boring and mundane and just make this post about ME and what I did over summer vacation.

For those who don't already know, I had an internship that was an extremely interesting learning experience. I learned that legal work isn't all THAT bad and that I MIGHT wind up in the legal field in one way or another. But I also learned that what makes a workplace good or bad sometimes doesn't have anything to do with the work but it has everything to do with the people. Let's just say that some of the managers I met in the workplace make Anna Wintour AND her literary alter ego look like angels. Seriously.

So that was the bad. Now onto the good news.

I got my driving licence!!! I feel super grown up now!! I'm legally able to drive a car!! And I'm so happy about it I don't even care how many exclamation marks I use!!!

Okok, back story behind the happiness is that I failed my driving test the first time and I was pretty high strung and nervy about taking the driving test again because I'd heard so many horror stories about people who'd failed it multiple times and I thought I might be one of them. My poor instructor kept having to calm me down and tell me to take deep breaths and I kept hyperventilating. So when I found out I passed, I was more relieved than happy really.

Apart from that and the pigging out over Chinese New Year, there isn't much more to tell really. Still in Melbourne, only now it's to get my Victorian practising certificate and still at my cosy little apartment.

Oh and summer just ended so there's just this little bit of sadness there. I love long,warm days so thethought of the cold starting again makes me sigh a little.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


"Our imagination flies;
we are its shadow
on the earth."
- Vladimir Nabokov

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm begging

Does anyone ANYONE have the complete episodes of Inuyasha? Seriously, I saw the VCDs last night and experienced a severe need to buy and watch it all except it would wipe out whatever meagre savings I might have.

If you do have it please please pass it to me on a weekend because I'm doing an internship now and have no leave whatsoever so I can't just stay home to watch all 140 episodes.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Two Thousand and Six Things

It's 4am on New Year's day and as far as I know, most people are either asleep or still partying.

I'm neither so it seems like a good time to ponder the the year that has passed and to look toward the year ahead. This blog's been unattended and neglected so long I almost hope no one reads this. 4am ramblings are generally not the best place to showcase one's imagination and writing. Leastways not for me.

My favourite things( so glad they outweighed the bad this year)
1)Leaving my past behind behind behind. The 2006 me felt so free.
2) Eating and running around Melbourne with my beautiful "Fatfat" club...all those nights we spent dedicated entirely to eating our way through masses of food and then going for dessert after...they were the best.
3)meeting and making friends with some of the most honest and decent persons I've ever met. They set the bar high and I hope I'll always have people like that by my side.
4) Running 15km at a charity run. The high is unbelievable, the mental strength you gain, invaluable. If you can do this, if you can push yourself beyond your limits, you can do anything.

When the dogs bark and the bees sting:
1) leaving the past behind....that hurt. Alot.
2) Being reckless with my health and wellbeing....
3)Being tired alot. I hate that, I hate it when I get tired easily and can't do all the stuff I want to do.
4) Knowing that I'm looking at an uncertain future and then being terrified into paralysis by that idea.

This year I want to do more, think less but more wisely, run farther, sleep and eat more, have more discipline, save more, spend less on frivolities and yet be more frivolous because frivolity spices life and love more wholeheartedly and wisely the people around me.

I don't make resolutions; I never have. All those things people resolve to do, eat less chocolate, diet, exercise, quite smoking, quit drinking....I don't bother. If you want to do something, do it now and not wait for the end of the year to pretend that you're going to do it.

But the list, is just a list...of hopes for myself. That this year, I will be different, I will be strong, that I will learn something, that I will be better.

We can only hope.

Monday, October 23, 2006

All girls should see this

Dove is currently running a great ad in the US as part of their Real Beauty Campaign. I liked it and I think all girls, particularly the constantly dieting sister of a friend of mine should watch this. ( I mean, seriously, " But I don't look like the models in the magazines!" is a really dumb reason to go on diet)Kid, open your eyes when you walk on the streets.NO ONE looks like the models in the magazines.

I wasn't really surprised by this ad, but I do think that alot of girls who aspire to look like models have to try and remember that these days, not even models look like models.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Deal or no deal?

Just a quick post to point everyone over to this blog, where she has an entire post dedicated to relationship deal breakers. It was so funny and so real that I remembered the whole reason I started reading blogs to begin with. The comments that everyone else posted on their dealbreakers? They were hilarious; I spent a whole half hour today giggling at them.

Here's an excerpt:

"It was just all the stuff that happened after the kissing that made the relationship more and more difficult to rationalize, and here is where I experience a lot of hand-wringing for all my Mormon girlfriends who got married without ever having slept with their men. It’s admirable, very admirable to enter into the covenant of marriage as a virgin, but what if smack dab in the middle of that first-night passion he starts quoting Al Pacino in Scarface? Or starts yodeling? Or says, “Do you mind if I turn on some Yanni?” IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN."

Oh and by the way, in case I totally forgot to mention, its Spring in Melbourne right now. The days are warming up, flowers are blooming, fruits are getting cheaper and generally I smile alot more now. The sun does that to me.

Enjoy Spring break everyone!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Too rich or too thin

This is interesting. Spain has apparently just passed legislation banning models considered to be "too thin". Amazing and potentially far reaching because of the impact on the Madrid fashion shows and because it's entirely possible that Italy or France (both huge fashion powerhouses) might move to do the same thing.

I'm frankly amazed. The super tall and super skinny models models have always ruled our billboards, magazines and thinking...and I doubt this is the end of their era somehow. But then again, in the last decade, I've seen the desired weight and height of models and girls around me drop by at least 5 kilos below what was considered a healthy acceptable number and it's a phenomenon that is at least a trifle disturbing. (I went and looked up Kate Moss's weight in a diet and nutrition book and it was so far below the acceptable weight figure for her height that it was scary). That, plus the last time I was home in Singapore, a friend told me that the ideal weight for height scenario for teenage girls was to be 1.65m tall and 45 kilos...and does anyone have any idea how thin that is?

It can't really go on that way. There is only so far weight can drop before you get scary skeletal cases like Nicole Richie running around. But I'm a pessimist at heart. I don't really think that the tide of waif thin girls has really turned. And sadly, I know I'd give almost anything to be one of them too, because they seem to have it so easy. Just be extremely thin and it will cover up any number of other physical/character flaws.

Can a girl be too thin? Actually yes, but its not going to stop hundreds of girls from trying to become dangerously underweight anyway.

Maybe there is too thin...the African refugee look is so not chic